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If you would certainly like to very drinking, Antabuse (disulfiram) is a medicine that you can be recommended. It's advised for people with chronic alcohol addiction situations. Make sure you never consume liquor after you have used Antabuse, as the adhering to symptoms will be produced by this medicine: masked eyesight, choking, chest discomfort, anxiety, queasiness, frustration, puking, sweating, trouble breathing, weak point, mental confusion, and flushing of the face. An overdose of Antabuse has been reported to create the complying with symptoms: throwing up, tingling, loss of coordination, seizures, lightheadedness, numbness, and queasiness. If you occurred to take too much of this drug, Make sure you seek emergency situation clinical help. Take Antabuse routinely and ensure you do not avoid dosages or miss them by collision. It's a great concept to take Antabuse around the very same time really day for the medication to remain in the circulatory system at the same degree. If you believe Antabuse is not working for you and you want to stop the therapy, tell your doctor. Do not consume liquor within 2 weeks from the moment you quit the therapy as the effects of this medication can be felt till after that.

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